emotional sad status,100+[BEST] Sad Quotes english with Images

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emotional sad status,100+[BEST] Sad Quotes English with Images

If you are sad, here you
will find more than 100 unique quotes that are only to show your sad expression,
you can share your emotional sad status with someone who loves your family, friends,

emotional status English

English kavita

Kavita in English Beautiful Poetry in English

speech is the beat of relationships. when it disappears,
the life of the relationship disappears.

it’s sad when you realize that no one
else is as important to you as you thought.

you can wipe someone’s tears,
but don’t remember him.

i don’t want to be in touch with anyone anymore,
it ultimately destroys me.

tears come from the heart, not from the mind.

emotional sad status

after every dark night, a light
day awaits you.

emotional sad status

trust is like a rubber,
which gets smaller after every mistake.

emotional sad status,100+[BEST] Sad Quotes

the biggest sadness is
not telling why it is so.

Attitude Status
heart touching love quotes in hindi

the hardest part is
to forgive someone who never apologized.

if you’re a good-hearted person,
you’re doing more than anything else.

saying goodbye to the person you want to
spend your life with is the saddest part of life.

the emotional sad status

that’s the problem with being strong.
no one is giving you a hand.

sometimes you can only smile.
get on with your day, stop the tears,
and pretend you’re okay.

people tell me that life goes on,
but for me it’s the saddest part.

don’t cry, because it’s over,
because smile.

i wonder how many times we forgive
because we don’t want to lose anyone.

never tell others the reason for your grief,
they won’t get it.

emotional sad status

the worst feeling is
when you only feel angry with
the person you want to talk to.

sad emotional status in English

never give priority to anyone when you have
a choice for everyone.

some people love you just
because they use you,
and if it ends
up as an advantage for you they will end their love for you.

emotional sad status

memories should be our most painful

being happy is a very personal thing that has
nothing to do with anyone else.

emotional sad status

the worst feeling is when you cry quietly
because you don’t want to know who you are.

keep smiling, one day life
will make you uncomfortable.

life is completely reliable only because of the mirror and the shadow;
the mirror does not lie and the shadow does not fade.

when the pain is kept in mind without telling anyone,
the pain of kindness can be excruciating.

emotional sad status

most of those who make the most mistakes
and failures in life are those who
blindly love and trust others.

life is pathetic, life is a mess,
all you have to do is do what you have to do.

emotional sad status

there are two medicines for all diseases:
time and silence.

sometimes you laugh because
you don’t have any more room to cry.

emotional status in English for life

a poor horse better than a horse without a horse.
even if you get back, you won’t get the sweetness that you had before.

now be strong because things get stronger.
right now there may be a storm, but it won’t rain forever.

don’t lose your pain, know that one day your pain
will be your cure.

emotional sad status

how quickly some relationships become nothing,
some trust is
lost and some love becomes alien.

this world believes in a lie spoken by someone
more than the truth we tell us.

never try to
stop those who leave us.
for the love that is taken away never lasts.

suddenly the mind of those who are angry will be cleared.
but such people will always be alone.

emotional sad status

when a person who talks a lot of times suddenly chooses to remain silent,
remember that they have learned to live without us and it’s time to give up!

i have failed so much
just because i didn’t learn to say no.

you can’t
hide your emotions because your eyes can see clearly.

emotional status about life

crying alone does not mean
that you are weak but rather
that you are strong.

emotional sad status

it’s shattering, but not tired..
the hope of having the light behind this darkness is the way forward.

when you feel pain, remember that it’s a sign
that your sins are decreasing.

don’t lose your pain, know that one day
your pain will be your cure.

never tell others the reason for
your grief, they won’t get it.

if i had known how bitter the memories are,
i would have forgotten.

wipe your tears because when people come to
you they will come to make a deal.

emotional sad status

i can’t wait for the day when i’ll
finally be at peace and not feel too much pain.

death is
so beautiful that the one who left will never come back.

the pain never goes away;
as you grow and get stronger.

you can’t
hide your emotions because your eyes can see clearly.

best emotional status in English

without pain, without
sacrifice we can have nothing.

use the pain you’ve
gone through as fuel. fuel that will lead you to a better future.

there is a sorrow in not being able to love,
but there is a sorrow of not being able to love.

emotional sad status

if you ever reject someone,
don’t worry, the problem is not with you, but with the person.

true love is not difficult to find,
but it is very difficult to maintain.

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