emotional status in english, emotional status in english with images 2022

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emotional status in English, emotional status in English with images

I am afraid to make someone my own, I am afraid to make
some promises,
love happens in an instant,
but I have
to pay
a huge price for forgetting.

life is beautiful,
don’t smile at it.

even a single flower bloomed, so
don’t walk on the plant.
not everything is like the mind,
but don’t forget what happened to the mind.

emotional status English

love is never wrong,
maybe the choice is wrong.

only those who are expected to break hopes.
only those who
love the heart cry in memory.

emotional status in English

it’s very difficult to get away from the person with whom you “
desire” to live “for life”

emotional status in English

i’ll wait even
if you leave me.
the last breath, it will only be yours

emotional status English,

it’s very difficult to get away from the person
you want
to be with all your life.

there was only
a little difference between you and me.
you wanted to spend time,
and i wanted life.

the color
of your face will change one day.
there is no one left to
love in your life

emotional status English

when there is no one in the house, i cry from the
heart. then you can easily smile after
sitting around.

emotional status English, emotional status in English with images

no matter how angry you are with me,
you can’t erase me from your heart, you
can stay away from me,
but you can’t keep yourself away from me.

emotional status English

don’t think that i have forgotten you,
that your love is not tainted,
so i am far away,
i have only you in my mind.

nowadays, people have become very mean, there
taste changes and their choices change.
i mean!

emotional status in English

the ill-effects, the addiction that will arise is

don’t fall in love with someone if you can’t stand by him/her till the end.
finally, if you’re going to get married within artists and family preferences, don’t
say yes to any love proposal.

if you have already decided to
end the relationship with a
breakup, do not start the relationship.
don’t play with anyone’s feelings.

there was
only a difference between you and me.
you wanted to spend time,
and i wanted to live.

emotional status English

i loved him so much,
now i can’t do it to anyone.
he had a lot of dreams,
which can no longer be fulfilled.

emotional status in English

why do you hate me so much… i
don’t have to call me, why am i the one

emotional status in English for life

if you find pleasure in hurting me, I’m
ready to endure it.

there’s always a smile on my face,
but a lot remains in my mind.
even if he came with full eyes,
no one saw it!

emotional status English

it is better to have no horse than
a poor horse.

never feel jealous when you look at your ex with
someone else,
because your elders have taught
to make other toys
feel like toys as well.

emotional status in English

i cry from the heart, when
there is no one in the house.

emotional status English

when you were mine, i was yours, and
now you are not mine, yet i am yours.
the only difference is that
what i did was called love and what you did was a deal.

even in a dream today, ebola
could not escape you… when i
tried to convince
you, my tears burst.

emotional status in English

the love i did, the love he did,
the only difference was that
i loved him to get him
, he liked to spend time.

emotional status about life

you and i, the two sides of the sea,
never meet,
but love each other very much.

who is not, if i had known in advance,
this broken relationship would not have
been connected to anyone.

emotional status English

I don’t know if it’s rained a lot today, I don’t know who
remembers ruse.

today every wave
was drenched on the shore,
then i remembered you
had come to me and you were sleeping.

don’t be discouraged if you’re
ordinary people reject expensive things and
do not have the ability to accept them.

emotional status English

forget the one who forgets you, do not look at him
who cries for you,
but do not turn away from him
who cries
himself who will make you laugh.

emotional status in English

I just asked for your support,
you left your hand in hand,
so now I have nothing to ask you for,
but to live without you… we have to live without…!

in life should never be broken. the house of faith is not to be broken by a
small storm.

emotional status English

the true value
of love is revealed when it is gone,
no matter how much it is overlooked,
the eye is still there.

those who live
in love and those who burn are
called badass.

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