English kavita

English kavita, love English kavita, best poem-poem written in English

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English kavita, love English kavita, best poem-poem written in English

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love for lover first
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if i get your smile i don’t need flowers
if i get your voice i don’t need sweet music
if you talk to me i don’t need to listen to anything else
if you’re with me.

“if you had to try me, you’d only have to look into my eyes.” ”
if i was so unconscious, why was there so much greed in it?

if god had sent me to earth as a book, . . .
why hadn’t she read it, she would have put me to sleep with her chest?

if i miss…
so i wish your hand would do the right thing if i lost.
so to inspire me,
to guide, and even if i die, you need your hand……
i still need your hand to close my eyes.

despite being close, i didn’t pay attention because you never opened your mouth.

“i love you, without you my life is futile.”
i don’t know if you’ll be mine or not, but there will be no one else in life without you.
i don’t know what will happen.

take a look, tell others the naadan, the mind does not meet like this, if the buds of the mind bloom,
then there is no drama of love, all the accounts of love meet once, tell others the nadan.

love kavita, love English kavita, the best poem

as you go, you say, forget…
when you say, forget me, why are there tears in your eyes?

you have to love once in a lifetime,
the same love has to be kept in your mind throughout your life.

if there was a book called life, there would have been a page called love in it,
because the page was torn – the book should not be thrown away.

life comes at a time…
death comes at a time… love is a time…
the heart is broken at one time… everything happens at a time…
so why remember him..?. it comes from time to time..

the thread of life was found in the cord of love,
perhaps that’s why our love remained immortal.

the bonds of buds on the path of life are broken and washed away.

every word in every life needs your support,
i want your tune in my song, my tears want your bond,
every word of mine wants your scent, there is nothing in this life except you.

love English kavita,

bonded bonds never match so easily.
alice, how you are in my life, now i think she just needs you.

your love poem

i was what i wanted, i was the one i avoided,
i was alone in you when i saw it again, it ended again.

go my sweet salute to that latent gesture of mine that you feel
but i don’t express!

love English kavita,

the more you construct,
the more you become formless in poetry.

when i grow up and my daughter asks me, “dad,
who was your first love?” …
so i don’t want to take out the old one…
pictures from the wardrobe garland i just want to show with my finger on my hand
that she is standing in the kitchen she is my first and last love.

love kavita,

Attitude Status
heart touching love quotes in hindi

every leaf of the paan tree is falling. . . , when he falls,
he always says, no matter how much you love someone….,
in the end there is no one… average person.

love English kavita,

all your words are
not in solitude while doing a poem today everything is clear.

8 the memory you get while taking a nap is
a storehouse of sweet moments spent with you

love kavita,

sleep has flown away, life has found a new direction.
love has been planted in the heart, the new universe has been introduced.
was robbed, he planted my naive mind,
he made me forever.

love English kavita,

knock on the door of the heart,
when you come to the saw, look at your memories in the heart.

a poem on love

osa blubber is also a cover that holds moisture.
blubber is also a covering that lives in tears.

the eyes will pierce your heart, the strings of love
in the heart are broken.

love kavita,

the rain came running to wipe my eyes,
don’t know which drop was yours and mine.

love English kavita,

if there is someone who wipes the eyes, it is good to rub it.
if someone is listening, it’s good to speak in your heart…
it’s good to be tired if there is someone to compliment…
if there is someone who brings hope, it is good to wait. . . .
if someone dies for you, it is better to live to death.

love English kavita,

there is always water in the eyes of nehami,
my love for you is indirectly imprinted.

the eyes describe it, the eyes hear,
the eyelids wipe, the tears fall.

know how much he loves ann without
dreaming in his eyes

English kavita,

not everyone is willing to behave like you, even if it’s not on my lips.

everyone thinks that there should be a life partner like you,
the one who shares happiness, the one who supports suffering, the one who has a hand in adversity.

love English kavita,

it’s her job to remember work,
she never looks too long, when she thinks, she comes and goes,
sometimes laughs, sometimes she cries. that’s my love.

the poem of first lovelove kavita,

looking at his other side while lying down, looking down in the middle,
being ashamed, ashamed, then laughing.

love English kavita,

kelan one glance of hers made me a water of sorrow,
now day and night i sing her songs,
her salary is life-giving,
her voice is a sweet voice,
if i have my luck she will be the queen of my flowers,

English kavita,

he asked me..? how much you love me…
i said, “fire is crazy…
can raindrops ever be measured?

he wanted to go, he left. i had to lose,
i lost,
the only difference is that he lost a moment of life and i lost my life in an instant.

she wanted to play with her heart, so now she has gone to play with my emotions.

love English kavita,

q: where are you going to leave me? hey:
oh crazy, does your shadow ever leave with you,
i’m your shadow. me: but in the dark?
will you forget me just as the shadow in the darkness forgets you?
i’m afraid of the dark. he: don’t be afraid i am, if it gets dark,
i’ll take you in my arms right now…
he: if so, i have to live in the dark all my life.

poetry for the lover

aali she came to life in such a way that my eyes were eloquent, smiled
and closed my eyes and it is difficult to dip even that sun today.

love English kavita,

be in the mind and in constant thought, if you come to the mind, then come in the moment, sometimes in the corner,
sometimes smile, sometimes in the cheek, sometimes in the cheek, in the mind that keeps me like this.

English kavita,

in his life i fainted,
not knowing when i joined him. ever since i got lost in her love, not knowing how the words began to play,
i forgot to be conscious in the color of her love she writes the essence from my hand. my poetry is my dialogue without her.
i love him like crazy. i’m not a poet.
this is my love. no, this feeling won’t get out of my mind until i leave this world.

a gust of wind is passing,
smiling slowly as she moved.

love English kavita,

take away from his memories,
you will never get rid of him.

when you meet, i look at you with all my eyes, as soon as i say goodbye,
tears come in the eyes, why is it good.
why is this relationship that we call love?

English kavita,

i was angry with you for not being you,
so i ate at your wedding without giving food!

love English kavita,

i don’t know if it will rain in between when you arrive,
but i don’t enjoy getting drenched in it as much as your love.

basically when you’re in front,
there’s no one around.

the poem of first love

when i look into your eyes, i miss the muscles, your eyelids are like pearls.

i only
got the impression of your snoring when your eyes were closed in that quiet time.

love kavita,

listen to everything you say, save your life,
keep every promise you make to you, even to forget you!

English kavita,

your true and false truth has now come true, that is,
all the lies come in my favor.

love kavita,

“since i found out about your theft,
why did you stop looking at me?”

go out of your life, not really cheap…
yet your memories don’t leave me.

love English kavita,

going away from you is a tragedy, for my mind there are still
some wet bonds left for the arrow of vibration.

your smile and my fall both happened at the same time,
knowingly my heart fell in love with you.

love kavita,

“yours” seems familiar now.
even though he was a stranger, he became acquainted with me.

English kavita,

first, i still remember that first touch of yours,
that rare thrilling moment i still remember today.

the best poem

i still remember every moment of yours today,
i hope you’ll be back.

sod when you left your hand, the sky was full of ghosts.


ali, i remember i don’t know anything.
you say write poetry on me, but the words don’t burst.
you look like your own picture before my eyes.
i don’t know what to write for you.

i don’t know, i don’t know anything. suddenly your love bell is ringing in my mind,
there is so much to talk about but my lips don’t move you remember that i don’t know anything.

English kavita,

you don’t remember that i get angry with you,
you’re all over, so why bother?
it’s not a false oath, not those happy memories,
what to do with all the memories? then there are tears in their eyes.

it doesn’t take long to remember you. she’s just like me,
she can’t live without you.

love English kavita,

teja, when i miss you, i read your love letters,
i know you won’t come, i wipe my eyes and then smile at myself.

English kavita,

give me one of your poems or i have started to keep it in my notebook as a memento

poetry on the heart

the tujhe ni manjhi duo is like a two-eyed sakhi sobti.
if i say, you are in the heart of panati, your idol…
there is fruit in your kundli, yuti navsala pavel ganapati.
your memories are cherished, your knots are tied in heaven.

this heart gave you, you two manik pearls. my heart is beating waiting for the river…
at your behest the birds of eyes fluttering in the sky,…
the leaf of grass dancing with a red rose in his hand…, seeing you,
the lotus in the heart, my heart says today…
we will not be modest to each other by birth partners.

love English kavita,

your image speaks more to me,
at least she feels my love,
but the mind plays again in the dream.

English kavita,

you can’t help but remember the sweet smile on your cheeks…
you can’t see anything without your face…
your tender love cannot be forgotten by my heart.

in poetry English.

let me ask my heart to take your name
now you see my heart is behaving exactly like yours.

kadhi you never like me, but if you don’t like me,
i don’t care.
day by day i don’t see why you don’t see that even in my anger there is love for you,
i have become addicted.

English kavita,

your smile is the sweetest,
your smile is my love.

i already knew that your feet would also be made of clay.

letter is not your letterlove English kavita,

i am lucky to have you, in your eyes is my village.
never let the smile of the lips diminish. . . .
i was born to make you laugh.

there are eight memories of you…
the soft touch of the peacock is your memories

your memories will always be with you,
giving you the strength to live life!

English kavita,

a drop of your memory is always in the corner of my eye,
my eyes shining like dew on the leaves.

i’ll never say i live in your memory.
because to remember, i never forget you.

written in English poemlove English kavita,

lyawar, after remembering you, realized that you have
never forgotten me to remember you, but left a knot tied on the way.

the pouch is just such a distance between you and me,
the rain came and went and my tears dried up.

every line of your poem is the breath you take to live
life is enough to live life.

English kavita,

the anger on your face is as sweet as yours. that’s why i’m attracted to you
. the reason for your innocence is anger at me.
then i have to live like abola.

love English kavita,

i look into your eyes, i see you,
i see you,
i smile at your cheeks.

i see my love in
your eyes, i see my song on your lips.

i find it very difficult to write about your fragility.
speaking of poetry, the word ‘fragile’ also seems a little overwhelming.

wa yours and mine are always parallel to each other,
really, but the distance is not closed.

English kavita,

your simple language makes my breath run smoothly.
money is just your hope, a burden of memories.

love English kavita,

you get away from you, i have no food.
because there is only one thing, i can’t
fall in love once again and tolerate separation.

love poems in English

i want to be a partner in your every happiness…
i want to be your support in every pain…
i want to be your breath in every breath… i want to be a part of your every blow…
to become the healer of your heartache…

to be the light of your dark life…
to have a dream in your eyes is to be the cause of your laughter.
i want to stay with you until the last moment of my breath.

English kavita,

the color of your love is still blooming, i’m
just yours until the last moment.

love English kavita,

your love has become so addicted now…
to be with you, dreams come true day by day.

i’m so lost in love with you that i can’t find it,
i want to find it alone but without you i can’t find anything.

English kavita,

my happiness and sorrow, your equal right in both

the sweetness of your hug always makes me feel like a frost on a cold

love poem in English for girlfriend

i want to see in your eyes once in your company…
the first meeting of the two of you..
a rose stalk in your hair.
you talk for hours, i want to see you in your eyes once and for a smile on your face.
and look at me gently when you’re embarrassed chai i just want to see you in your eyes once…
because. at one time. i just want to look into your eyes once.

beautiful tears are forgotten in your beautiful memories.
this tear is then accompanied by a return of memory.
it’s not enough to remember you, why do you have to rejoice in my memory?

love kavita,

i was looking for
myself in your dreamy eyes, seeing you smiling, i was always losing.

the shy tree also
spreads its leaves when the bush touches the hand.

love kavita,

i remember the first moment of seeing you today.
your crazy my mind makes me laugh so much..
you look at me and make some gestures and look at me and smile..
to a loving partner. to live life with you..
love to love you

love kavita,

how many yes you didn’t know how much was hidden in that smile of yours,
you once met millions.

saree is the second girl in the world that i would love very much after you…
she will be your daughter.

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