Kavita in English Beautiful Poetry in English, Poetry Collection 2022

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Kavita in English Beautiful Poetry in English, Poetry Collection 2022

you don’t want to burn your life because you can’t do your
own work. Kavita in English

the moments in onjli were just of love,
you didn’t know me, you didn’t know me.
every flower smelled of me, all the moments were filled with love.
there were tears in your eyes, my heart kept crying when you smiled all my life.
you are the dream of life: don’t know when the queen of the night bloomed.

English Kavita For Kids,

even though my eyes were open,
you waited for the words to come out of your lips,
but your eyes never spoke.

your lips on my lips, come and rest…
they remember moments alone, but they are ashamed.

the lips may be awful,
but the eyes speak a lot
and hide a lot without knowing the storm in the mind.

the words are well spread on the lips.
i am not talking. he doesn’t understand

Kavita in English

flowers speak flowers that are not on the lips,
weigh the emotions in color,
the flowers of the mind have the smell of mars.

let your smile be on your lips.
don’t let bad days become your life.
many bees will be found on the way of life,
but let me make a place on one side of the heart.

Kavita in English English Kavita for Kids, in English

💘 maybe i’m not the one you’re
dreaming about but that’s what you’re dreaming about.
maybe i’m not the one you’ve been waiting for but you’re the one i’m eagerly waiting for.
maybe i’m not the one you love but that you’re the one i love so much.

Kavita in English

sometimes there is a dispute among themselves.
but when the anger calms down let’s go on a new trick of love again.

sometimes you suddenly laugh with your heart, cry,
sing such a life song,

i’ve ever loved it so much. i don’t know,
i’ve never been so crazy. i don’t know,
i don’t really remember when i first liked it,
but i don’t really remember it anymore.

English Kavita for Kids, in Hindi beautiful poem,

i don’t know how long i’ve been in love with you,
but i’m so sure i know nothing but you anymore.

someday my life will shine with your love.

Kavita in English

i don’t know how many excuses i make,
i want to meet you every day… tell me when you’re crazy, know when

English Kavita for Kids, in Hindi beautiful poem,

know the love, it will be easier for me to be in your heart too,
i want to tell you.

he used a little rain to become a ghetla poet, but without asking for it,
he got a loan.

in beautiful poetry English,poetry collection 2022

why does this mind love someone,
why does he say that he has fallen in love, why do you wake up at night remembering someone,
why do you shed tears if you do not meet anyone,

Kavita in English

why does it seem that you are desperate to meet someone, why do you yearn to meet even after meeting,
thinking day and night, persecuting this soul, why is anyone so fond of the mind,

English Kavita for Kids, in English beautiful poem,
sows colorful dreams in the mind, how does my mind understand this love,
why does the mind go mad when the inner voice hears,
why it happens, we know our love.

how much we love someone,
we enjoy every moment with him,
but when the same person leaves you,

Kavita in English

so you feel so bad when you leave your life.
because you get used to that person and when the same person is gone,
left alone, and we cry a lot in his memory.

how to open my heart, now tell me…
you go away, there’s a queue of memories.

English Kavita for Kids, in English beautiful poem,

“how can i forgive you for the wound you gave me?”
you took my flowers and gave it to me. ”

why don’t you know i have a mind that is just waiting for you
and your mother knows everything that you can’t be mine because you too are waiting for someone else now.

Kavita in English

why does the mind connect with anyone?
then his dream comes true every morning.
now his charming form is in my daily memory,
and these everyday words have accumulated in my mind.

why give my relationship the name of love?

why do i miss you so much,
i miss you all night long, every moment you have your name on your lips,
you are remembered even in dreams, even when i’m
my mind looks at you. when falling in love,
the same happens, this mind gets confused and hangs on to the swing of memories.

English Kavita for Kids, in English beautiful poem,

why i forgot her why did she forget
me she gave birth to my poetic mind with her love

the chilly air of scary moments meets your memory,
when it is dark it rains, it rains in the mind.

Kavita in English

how good is
a web site if it gets “mixed up” with all the other things?

English Kavita for Kids, in English beautiful poem,

there’s something in my heart, don’t even
stay away from me, now even the slightest.

Kavita in English

what do you mean, these eyes become soot and frozen?

what can i tell you, now my heart…
your eyes are always on the road.

night last night i was counting the moon in the sky,
i was begging you every passing hour.

a few drops stopped on his lips, i kept
looking for a moment and felt like drops for the first time in my life.

some grandchildren are precious,
don’t appreciate them, don’t care.

in motivational poetry English

some grandchildren are connected,
some need to be connected,
some need to be cherished
and some are cherished on their own,
that’s what love is called!

English Kavita for Kids, in English beautiful poem,

some emotions are spoken,
not every word has meaning. moisture blows in the air,
not just in the air. some grandchildren are attracted,
not every relationship is a love affair. there is no need for love in every relationship,
there should be love in every relationship, it is very important.

how easy it is to write easily, take a look at the time for you.
instead of being angry with me, just keeping your memories a little bit.

no matter how much you decide,
you can’t be angry with them.

English Kavita for Kids, in English beautiful poem,

no matter how much i say,
i can’t behave so practically.

Kavita in English

no matter how angry you are,
i will not be angry with you,
for i will love no one but you.

motivational poetry English in 2022

no matter how beautiful a face is,
no matter how crazy that face is,
that face is used only to attract,
but if you want to find true love,
don’t want to drive someone crazy forever,
then only a beautiful mind can be used.

Kavita in English

the love of the beautiful mind cannot be forgotten even when it is gone.
because one can find another beautiful face,
but a beautiful mind cannot be found easily.

English Kavita for Kids, in English beautiful poem,

one has to go near the waves to understand the price of the edge..
you have to go through drought to know the price of water.
one has to fall in love to understand the definition of love.

Kavita in English

stand on
the sidelines to see the waves of the waves and see the new horizons of the imagination

“if something happens somewhere, doesn’t happen to anyone,
no wonder my mind has moved away from me.”

In English, English Kavita for Kids,

someone will be smiling on the cheeks,
tears will wipe away the tears from the eyes full of tears.

someone asked me,,,,,,,,, ‘how far can you go to get him???
i replied, “if i had the limit,
i would never have achieved it.” ”

who was she? the door of the heart that was never open.

if someone is attracted, there is stress!
the mind becomes dry, and life becomes a dry forest.

a little poem in English

if you can build a house in someone’s mind, then see,
you can love someone or not, everyone lives for themselves,
tries to live for someone else,
because valley needs this support,
for jamal, try to support someone’s mind.

Kavita in English

talk to someone for hours, and look at him while you talk.
unaware of him, take him near, let him breathe and let my heart beat…

English Kavita for Kids,

no one is far from the corner.
no one is close to anyone,
love comes close to itself. when someone is in someone’s destiny..

every corner of your heart, full of your memories…
yet about my love, you ask questions.

Kavita in English

why do you shed tears from your tender face?

In English Kavita for Kids,

there is not a single moment that you don’t like me,
i’m always with you.

memories of the past gone, memories of nostalgia gone,
the pain is gone again.

English Kavita For Kids

love is not love that flows in an instant,
love is when you are not with them but they are
with you all their lives.

Kavita in English

the memory that comes and goes from moment to moment,
sometimes hurts even when it is known,
sometimes it hurts, sometimes it falls like a petal,
sometimes it blooms like a flower,
why does this memory behave
as if it shines in pleasant moments, sometimes it flows with tears.

little poetry English in 2022

karanare are not all true lovers, there are a lot of half-sacrificing people,
who are deceived by false love, but when the mind is full,
they forget the identity, such people are called humble.

Kavita in English

a beautiful sentence for beautiful true seekers:
the one who makes you laugh a lot when you’re with him,
the same person who cries a lot when he’s not with you!!!..

In English Kavita for Kids,

love is like true love,
never changes, no matter how many people swear,
it will celebrate happiness in our own world!

Kavita in English

“love true love means being willing to compromise.”
true love is to cherish each other’s qualities.
true love is about reuniting hurt hearts.
true love is to fight and be back together.
true love is the expression of emotions without saying a single word.
true love is just tears in the eyes.

if that’s true, why didn’t you express your love?

In English, English Kavita for Kids,

there must be true love. true love must be true..
like a rose, which is gentle and fragrant,
but never leaves thorns. there must be true love…
as big and wide as the sky. no matter where you go,
it will always be with you because… ..
love is not a game, time is not a time to pass.

Kavita in English

the thundering spring you are the wind of playfulness,
the waves running for which that calm coast is for you,

2022 love poetry in English

in the mind of a particular girl. no matter how many times we meet,
every time it fills with excitement. when i love you,
i lose myself too. by your touch, the flower blooms on the body.
.. the moon in the sky comes to the moon. touch your language, and your eyes are also afraid.
two heartbeats are the same. when are you mine, eh ????? i would have been yours.

Kavita in English

putting a mole on your cheek,
you can’t describe it in words.

In English Kavita for Kids,

you speak very little.. but by talking so much, you steal your mind.
you come shoulder to shoulder and gently tease the strings of the mind.

maybe i had to say a lot to you,
but the words left you, sometimes by coming ahead of you,
sometimes your about killed the time.

Kavita in English

they get your memories fresh without playing paul most of the time.
and along the way, however, paul adds to my mind.

 Kavita for Kids,

sometimes my body feels like running,
i want to run to you.
i want to take you in my arms, i want to forget the whole world…
i want to wake up memories of the past, I want to wake up again and ask.

Kavita in English

i love you so much, know the truth,
at least once think of me as yours.
i’ll do whatever i can for you, you just tell me,
i’ll be with you all my life, try it once and for all.

Kavita in English

to live for you, to die for you, even if you are in denial,
to wait for your yes. have you ever wondered, looking at my love checking,
but i love you so much, from the bottom of my heart… !!
for me, my love will always remain the same, from the bottom of my heart. only for contracts.

the best poem of English in 2022

love doesn’t even meet with a lot of love. so people save love in their minds.
let’s leave it for him or for him.
they try to heal their wounds.
it is very difficult to forget or surrender.
but people nowadays surrender is better than sacrifice. believe it..

Kavita in English

Kavita in English Kavita for Kids,

you don’t want to ask for flowers because you like the smell,
you don’t want to ask for flowers because you like the smell.
everyone has the right to see their own happiness.
but, what is the justice to live by killing another person?

the dew-dot on the grass is your youth,
your sweetness is a forest of love.

Kavita in English

the thoughts of the singing party, the thoughts of the wind,
the thoughts of the gleaming hour, the thoughts of the rising sea,
the thoughts will tell you the same thing, i only love you.

I’m engaging myself in you,
whether that dream comes true or not.

In English Kavita for Kids,

you are my power, shape in words,
feeling in love, accepting the merits and demerits,

that are sweet memories, gentle feelings.
there are gentle expressions, there is selfless love..
and where there is unconditional love, of course.. you are…..

Kavita in English

7 will you give me seven of the seven rays of the moon?
in the world will i accept my love for you?

i am not the one who lives in the moon,
i am not the one who looks at the wall,
even if you are not, i am not the one who forgets you even in zero.

In English English Kavita for Kids,

i want a sweetheart who comes to me on the go,
i want your support in this rainbow of love…

Kavita in English

don’t worry, you’re a partner…
be like that all your life, stay together.

Nehemiah always has a smile on their face,
but there is a lot of accumulation in the mind.

poetry on life 2022

you can see the sorrow of the world..
why don’t you see my grief, maybe my name doesn’t fall into their grief?

the way of the world is nyari,
everyone here is crazy about you.

i have kept a lot for tomorrow,
i have written your name on the wings of my mind.

In English, English Kavita for Kids,

10 if 10 people care about you,
i’ll be one of them. if 1
person cares about you, it will be me.
but if someone doesn’t care about you.
then i won’t live in this world.

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