love is an illusion manga, Love Dhoka Status,Social Media

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 love is an illusion manga, Love Dhoka Status,Social Media 

love is an illusion hyesung pregnant

love is an illusion manga,

 love is an illusion characters

If you have also been cheated in love, friendship or relationship 

And your anger on social media 

And looking for cheat status to express pain then you are at right place. 

We are here for you in this post

 Have brought You can share these on social media 

And you can ease your mind.

love is an illusion mangajust an illusion

It takes a whole life to build friends loyalty and trust 

But it doesn’t take a moment to build trust. In today’s modern lifestyle

 Few people are found to be trusted, but thousands are found to give. Given below 

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Your tears are pearls. Don’t shed them for those who cheat. 

Wait for the right person. Because even then the tears come, 

when you are happy

love is an illusion manga

If a lie is told to save a relationship, 

So that cannot be called a lie. To turn a lie into a truth, 

All you need is a clean heart.

love is an illusion manga wikipedia

 love is an illusion manga, Love Dhoka Status

It’s a relationship, not a test. Then if there is no rank,

 So why cheat?race the power of an illusion

love is an illusion manga

No one cheats by mistake,

 does it intentionally.

sad shayari

Merely doing or touching or doing is not cheating, 

If you do this from your phone 

You delete the message that your wife does not see, she is also the same.

love is an illusion manga

The man who once gives you, 

He can give again and again.

Relationships are maintained honestly

 Not by lies and tricks.

love is an illusion manga

loved someone dearly and

 Still I got cheated!!

It’s easy to love is an illusion

 Try something hard, like showing honesty.

love is an illusion manga

If you had enough time to cheat, 

So you had enough time to think.

Do not lie, do not deceive, 

And don’t make promises you can’t keep.

love is an illusion manga

If someone could give it to someone else to get you

 So it is foolish to expect loyalty from him.

The game has become. the sooner you learn,

 The more the better for you.

 love is an illusion manga, Love Status,Social Media 

My crime was to trust him. 

My punishment is his deceit.

love is an illusion manga

His love betrayed him. Even then, 

He chose to smile just to keep her happy.

When I saw you for the first time my heart was me 

 It was given and from that day it is yours.

love is an illusion manga

until you get caught, 

Until then it’s not a hoax.

Never cheat a girl in love. 

you never know he’s with you 

What sacrifices have been made to live.

If you really love someone, 

So cheating is not an option for you.

love is an illusion manga

if you don’t love her 

Don’t give Dhokha.. Better leave it.

love is an illusion manga

She loved me and says she will die, 

If I die So I cheated death, to save him.

You can cheat your life, 

But you can never cheat your love.

Every girl wants to be a woman, 

But not the other woman.

Lucky are those whose enemies are loyal 

Because my own friend had given me Dhoka.

love is an illusion manga

You gave me Dhokha, 

I almost killed myself, then I realized 

Not everyone can show loyalty.

Animals are exemplifying loyalty, 

While humans are setting examples to deceive.

Life is not a GTA game. the more you 

The more you apply the cheat code, the more you will be in trouble.

Even terrorists are better than you. 

At least, they don’t betray their chosen group.

love is an illusion manga

If someone really doubts too much,

 So it’s not his fault.

 Maybe someone special cheated on him.

When a guy cheats, he can be forgiven. 

But when a girl cheats, the whole world condemns.

Mustache and tight body do not make you the best man. 

Loyalty and respect for women makes you a real man.

 love is an illusion manga, Dhoka Status,Social Media 

as much as 

The more you give Dhoka, the more you will go towards loneliness.

People lie to their partner, thinking they are stupid. 

But in reality, they are not. They just value the relationship.

love is an illusion manga

if someone gets hurt 

It is never too late to stop giving Dhokha.

Trust and betrayal are two sides of the same coin. 

We never know which side becomes our destiny.

cheat status

the cheater thinks everyone cheats

 And a liar thinks everyone lies.

I don’t understand why people cheat 

If you’re not happy, why not leave alone

cheating in relationships is a crime 

Which cannot be avoided without making any excuse.

love is an illusion manga

when you deceive someone, 

So you get something by cheating 

That is fear and suffocation to commit sin.

I just want a true relationship.

 Not a lie No Dhoka. Nor any dishonesty.

You can cheat me. You can cheat on your parents. 

You can cheat your family. You can deceive your neighbors.

 You can deceive the whole world. You can deceive yourself too. 

But you cannot deceive God.

love is an illusion manga

I just found out that you cheated on me.

 I suggest you go to dog training school. have hope

 That you will learn the true value of loyalty.

2021 love is an illusion manga, Social Media 

Even people with innocent faces are deceived,

 Because not every shining piece is a diamond.

Truth defeated, deceitful victory

 A million times better than

If you don’t like someone’s company, 

So you separate from them. Don’t deceive them.

Threats don’t happen by chance, they are done thoughtfully. 

and deceives himself.

love is an illusion manga

Dhoka a good person 

Giving is like throwing a diamond and lifting a rock.

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love is an illusion manga

No woman can and should not love a cheater 

can pay the price. – daughter-in-law of roses

Dhoka met you or Dhoka met by my luck,

The thing is that I only got the pain of separation.

love is an illusion manga

Whenever deceivers are mentioned,

 Then then your name is first on the tongue.

Those who have not found any happiness till date, 

In the end, he definitely got cheated.

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