Love’s Answer,Check out Love’s Answer by Karl Mcneill 2022

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Love’s Answer, Check out Love’s Answer by Karl Mcneill

Lethe found herself in a quiet afternoon sitting on the stone steps of the temple. The sky had become almost a white-blue, so pastel and pale that if it were not for the golden shafts of the sun, it would have been without color. Love’s Answer,

She mused over the goldenrod at her feet, the caterpillars crawling on the stone and the slight wisp of a breeze that played with the loosened strands of her bound hair. She studied the tear in the hem of her

dress as the thorns had seized it as she had run unfocused towards the temple in tears…fleeing her father’s proclamation that she had to marry Imesis, the merchant! Love’s Answer,

Love’s Answer, Check out Love’s Answer

She had fled to Hecate’s temple to offer a prayer to the goddess that she would be relieved of her unwanted plight. Lethe despised Imesis enough so to pray to this powerful dark goddess for surcease

from her projected, involuntary future as his wife. She wanted nothing of his shop, of his clinging mother and his family who felt filled with their own importance. All her father could see was a secured future for her and a strong alliance for him with his neighbor and all she could see was misery! Love’s Answer,

She had laid her offering of wild flowers and a precious flask of scented musk at the goddess’ effigy and humbled herself on the dusty stone floor but not once had any sign come to give her an omen that Hecate had heard her. She was in despair and confused as to what to do now. She had lost herself in

thought when she heard a sound of twigs cracking and the clip-clop sound of hooves on hard-packed dirt. She wondered if she should flee as her father may have sent her brother, Dion, to find her. Love’s Answer,

Love’s Answer, Check out Love’s Answer by Karl Mcneill

She jumped to her feet and quickly dashed to hide behind the nearest wide column before the oncoming rider could see her. She peered carefully around the greenish stone as the new visitor to the temple came

into view. When she saw him, her heart stopped, replaced by fear, then by wonder, and then by startled awe! It was not her brother, Dion, but a Centaur! Love’s Answer,

All of Lethe’s life, she had heard of the mythical creatures, the Centaurs of Thessaly but she knew no one who had seen one, least of all herself! She had heard many stories of them, mostly that they were a

solitary and often angry group of beings. Half-human and half-horse and outcast among both species! Yet, as she settled herself, never had she seen a more beautiful thing than this Centaur. Love’s Answer,

His equine half was the color of dark honey, fresh from the hive of her grandfather’s bees, used to sweeten their meal and wine. His human half was all male. Slender at the waist, broad-shouldered, with

shortened honey colored locks, and large eyes the color of mellow amber. He carried a bow and sling of arrows across his shoulders and around his neck, he wore a knotted cord with a pendant of lapis

extended from it. He moved with the lithe grace of both the power of the horse and the well-toned muscle of a man. Love’s Answer,

Check out Love’s Answer by Karl Mcneill

He had come to a pause in front of the temple as if having arrived at his destination. He seemed puzzled but not without some knowledge of his purpose there. He paused, waiting for instructions. In answer, a

dark thunderhead began to form in the milky sky. A deep thunder grumbled through the massed clouds and a cold but insistent wind whirled around the temple and blew hard upon Lethe. She shivered as she

knew she had been given her sign. Hecate had heard her prayer. She felt that the Centaur had been sent to her. Love’s Answer,

She stepped from behind the column, afraid but willing to give herself over to divine intervention. She stood at the top of the temple steps as the wind continued to blow, freeing her dark ebony tresses from the filigreed combs and her toga-wrapped dress blew open to expose her long shapely legs. Her soft

brown eyes, her olive skin, and her unchallenged innocence called the Centaur’s attention to her. He stared appraisingly at her and smiled in a seductive, and secretive manner. When he spoke, his voice flowed like warmed honey. Love’s Answer,

“I have been summoned. Is it you that has petitioned?” he asks.

“Yes,” she replied.

“By Cupid’s grace, then am I not fortunate!” The Centaur replied delightedly.

His pleasure embarrassed her but she felt drawn by his magnetism. He was her answer and he seemed most pleased. Hecate had not denied her! Love’s Answer,

He trotted briskly to the steps, motioning with his hand for her to come down and meet him. When she reached him, he clasped hands with her. She was still startled and confused and as if he could read her mind, he said softly.

Love’s Answer,

“Do not worry, sweet beauty, there are always ways for love to exist even in the strangest of people. I have sought you and you have sought me and we will be the prize of each other’s search. Come…before

the goddess changes her mind. Home is yet a long way away!”Love’s Answer,

With that, he lifted her gently to his equine back and away they sped once more to Thessaly. There would be no one to marry Imesis from Lethe’s family! As the Centaur and Lethe left the temple, the great

thunderhead flashed and lightning struck close to one over-turned stone, and it sounded almost like pleased laughter. Hecate had spoken

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