miss you love status,

miss you love status, Shayari Quotes In English, Feeling Missing

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miss you love status, Shayari Quotes In English, Feeling Missing

Miss you friends status

What a sight if this happens,
you come on your own when you remember…!!!

miss you love status,2
miss you love status,2

We miss you every night,
kissing her every day with your photos…!!!

miss you love status,4
miss you love status,4

She came out of the house in a niqab, the
the whole street came out in her eyes,
she used to deny our love,
and our own picture came out of her book…!!!

miss you love status,5
miss you love status,5

This love is increasing by staying away from you,
this distance of miles is bringing me closer to you…!!!

miss you love status,6
miss you love status,6

No one gets us by becoming ours,
even if they meet, by becoming ashore,
every dream is broken like a shattered glass, there is only
one waiting to be with you as support…!!!

Neither is the picture of you that should be seen,
nor are you the love that should be with me,
what pain you have given this Sanam,
neither where should you go nor you remain without…!!!

miss you love status, Shayari Quotes In English

The weather is of rain and I miss you,
from every drop of rain comes your voice,
when the clouds thunder, the heartbeat increases,
with every beat of the heart, the sound comes to you,
when the wind blows, you know Ours goes, the
weather is of rain and you miss…!!!

miss you love status,7
miss you love status,7

Some heartbreaks in love, some break
trust in friendship, some
learn to live life from the rose
which breaks itself and joins two hearts…!!!

miss you love status,8
miss you love status,8

Someone is very sad because of your departure,
if possible, come back with some excuse,
you are a million angry, but once you see,
someone is broken because of your anger…!!!

miss you love status,9
miss you love status,9

If you remember, it will turn from day to night, look at the
mirror, we will talk, do
not teach,
close your eyes to meet us, we will meet…!!!

miss you love status,10
miss you love status,10

We are not the
ones who remember me with meaning,
we are the ones who love relationships, whether
your message comes or not,
we miss you every day…!!!

It is difficult to stop someone’s memories, it is difficult
to persuade a crying heart,
how much this heart misses its loved ones,
it is difficult to describe in a few words…!!!

The shadow of your memory
in the darkness of my heart,
gives me a lot of trouble,
does not let me live, in the
the only way we find someone,
but there are some pains
which do not let my heart flow…!!!

2021 miss, you love status, Shayari Quotes In English


I wish you also become like your memories, do
can’t see the time , don’t make excuses,
just come…!!!

miss you love status,

Feeling erased, Searching gone,
Hopes went too,
Everything is gone but what
could not be erased is your memories…!!!

Tears fell from my eyes
after remembering something,
after a long time, we passed through that street…!!!

miss you love status,

Even if we want, we cannot forget you, cannot
steal from your memories,
it is not possible to live without
you even for a moment,
I want you so much that I cannot tell…!!!

Every distance has to be erased,
everything has to be told, it
seems that friends do not have time,
nowadays you have to remind yourself…!!!

There was no intention of going away from you, there was no
the promise of living together,
you will remember, we knew,
but we will miss you so much.

miss you love status,

We say to every wind that goes towards
you, just tell you that we miss you a lot…!!!

We are just waiting for someone, now we
have taken the message of memories in our hands…!!!

Some friends became special in life,
when they met and parted, they became memories,
some friends kept
on slipping slowly,
but those who did not go by heart became you…!!!

love status, Shayari Quotes In English

I am sitting with an ocean full of feelings,
today I am sitting with the same sight in my eyes,
I am left incomplete in the desire to get you,
I am sitting with
a great skill to wait…!!!

miss you love status,

Remember you in loneliness,
the heart is immersed in the depth of sorrow,
do not find us in the crowd of the world,
we will meet you in your shadow…!!!

Don’t say that we don’t miss
you, we are true to where you
pass every day…!!!

miss you love status,

I didn’t know that you will get into my heart like this,
I didn’t know
that you will be hurting my heart so much, I
thought you would be far away and would not be remembered,
but I did not know that I would be remembered like this…!!!

Life is big without sorrow, the
festival of desire is decorated for you,
just smile once and see,
fate itself is standing outside to meet you…!!!

The memory of you makes me restless,
I see only your face everywhere,
know how crazy your love has made me,
if I ever sleep, my eyes get irritated…!!!

miss you love status,

Sometimes I miss them, sometimes their dreams come
, they are unaccounted for when I am harassed…!!!

Don’t remember so much that you understand yourself,
let me feel that I have my own personality too…!!!

It comes after breaking the boundaries like a bird,
it is your memory that does not divide like countries…!!!

My efforts fail every day,
memories take hold of you by the end of the evening…!!!

miss you love status,

Love lasts all the time,
whether it is in memory or in the heart…!!!

How long should I be patient without seeing you,
come early, I will wait for you every moment…!!!

We will not be able to forget you even
after forgetting you, we will not be able to keep
this one promise, we
will erase ourselves from where but,
we will not be able to erase your name from our hearts…!!!

Miss you friends status

Phone without signal,
Facebook without friends
, YouTube without music.
These are all funny,
but as a strange of them
as I do without you!

miss you love status,

I’m gonna write “I miss you ” on all the bricks
and I really want one of them to fall on your head
so you know
how much it hurts when you miss someone special like you!

medicine for the pain of
missing someone misses your friends status

miss you friends,3 miss you friends status

miss your friends status, Facebook without
friends i am without you 2021
Man has invented so many wonderful things….
But still
no one in this world
is able to invent
pain medicine for missing someone ..

think of you when we apart miss you friends status

It’s easy to want u, it’s hard to miss u.
I wish u were with me wrapped in my arms.
Think about U constantly when we’re different.
I have got the lock u have the key to my heart.

miss you love status,

Memories behave in a crazy way miss your friends status
Memories sometimes behave in crazy ways.
They leave u alone when u are in a crowd
and when u are alone
they stand with u like a crowd.

It becomes easy to miss someone miss you friends status

Missing someone
gets easier every day, even if it’s a day ahead of the
last time you saw each other, so
it’s a day closer to the next time you go.

no one ever forgets you miss you, friends,

It’s nice
when you know someone loves you,
someone misses you, someone
needs you,
but it’s great when you know
someone never forgets you…

miss you friends status if i say I miss u

If I’m scared, will
Do you hold me tight?
If I make a mistake,
will you sacrament it?
If I start a fire, will
Do you keep an eye on the flame?
If I say I miss u, would
Do you feel the same way?

i feel u as my part

I still miss you, friends,
could not hide from you I You do not want to injure
Manu from someone else
to find the best tell u before listening …
It is a lie that I
get really miss u I u I feel like a part of myself.

miss you love status,

In my life, I learned to miss your friends
In my life, I learned
how 2 Love 2 Smile 2 B Happy 2 B Strong
2 Hard work 2 B Honest 2 B Loyal 2 Sorry.
But I couldn’t learn how to forget 2 u…

I miss you no matter how long
miss your friends status

can steal r precious number 1.
Parting is heartache
No. 1 can heal.
Sumll 4get you are gone
but ill
remember you for how long.
miss your friends status

what makes some people dear

What makes some people dear
is not just the joy we
feel when we meet them,
but also the emptiness we feel
when they are not around us. I miss you!

others may forget but I will never forget

People disappear, people die.
People laugh and people cry.
Some give up, some will try.
Some say hello and come say goodbye.
Others may forget but I never will.

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