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New short love stories newsletter 

Romantic short love stories link
My current book obsession has nothing to do with short love stories

So, I’ve been playing around with what you want.

I’ve also been writing, and am getting kind of sick of having everything gather dust on my laptop or in my file drawer. I have scraps and pieces, although nothing is fully put together yet.

But I keep feeling that people who come want something, and that I might have something to give.

Make sense?

New short love stories newsletter

Thus, I just set up a special newsletter for short love stories. When you sign up, you’ll get a weekly original short love story from me every Saturday. Once things are underway, I’ll also give you super-secret password-protected posts here that will be the “library” of stories from the newsletter.

Here’s the catch — I’ve never actually put my creative writing out there, so this whole thing is kind of an experiment.

It might be wonderful. It might stink. It might be both.

Whatever happens, it can be our little secret. And then, someday when I’m hugely popular you can say, “Hey, I knew her way back when she just sent out little stories once a week… and about half of them were terrible… but I love her anyway and want her autograph…

Romantic short love stories link

I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to stop-motion animation, and I ran across this site and spent way to much time having fun with these. This talks about short love stories and is really cool, so I wanted to share. Enjoy!

My current book obsession has nothing to do with short love stories

I recently became a huge fan of “A Song of Ice and Fire” series from George R.R. Martin. It’s the book series that is the basis of the HBO series “Game of Thrones”.

I know that the content is far from the topic of “short love stories”, but if you’re here you’re probably wondering what I’m reading, so there it is. Go get it.short love stories

As I try to develop myself as a fiction writer (which is coming along, but is ever-so sloooow), this series has given me a whole new perspective. Martin really opens up the idea of what’s possible, at least in my opinion. short love stories

I’m assuming here that you are a grown-up since some of the content is pretty adult (I’d say some of the languages is definitely not suitable for young readers, but that’s for you to judge).

That being said, these books are masterful. There is a mystery, intrigue, love, magic, and all kinds of other amazingness. And, with a series that weighs in at a total of about 4,500 pages long, it’ll keep you busy for a while. short love stories

As a reader, you’ll love them. As a writer, you’ll be fascinated by the scope, the characters, the settings — it’s really mind-blowing, a must-read

Links to sites about short love stories

I’m still getting settled in here at this new blog and wanted to add a few more resources for readers to check out on the topic of Short Love Stories. short love stories

One of my favorite sites in the area of short love stories is a site called “Short Fiction.” The site is entirely written by those who register and then submit their stories — making it the perfect hangout for aspiring writers. Having spent time perusing the wealth of material there, I’m quite impressed (and happily have it added as a bookmark so I can come back). I’d recommend it.short love stories

Another site I thoroughly enjoy is “East of The Web“. The site is jam-packed with stories submitted by authors, many of them rated with comments. This is another perfect spot not only for readers but also for aspiring writers, so be sure to check it out.

On the other end of the spectrum is “Short Story Archive“, made up of the works of very famous authors. It’s quite likely that you’ll find some of your old-time favorites here, but these are also longer and less modern works. I must admit to not finding this site quite as much fun as the two above, and sadly I also found myself amid a web of advertisement pop-ups after only a couple of clicks. short love stories

Another site that’s quite popular according to the search engines is “I Love India“. There is tons of content here, including articles about dating, relationships, famous couples, and specific cultural information about India. I personally really enjoyed that most of the love stories are of Indian origin — with stories that definitely aren’t found in many other places. It’s well written and worth checking out.

Links to short love stories sites

I thought it might be helpful, both for me and for readers, to give a little picture of the landscape for other sites related to short love stories. After all, I’d like for you to find what you’re looking for.

One of the most prolific sites on the topic of is Love Fate Destiny. The site is jam-packed with short love stories, so if you need a quick fix you’ll find it here. I’ve spent some time on the site and find it delivers what it promises:  short love stories along with tons of other content.short love stories

Although I’m not quite sure where the stories come from or whom to thank as the author, the stories are well written and entertaining. There is also a nice page for teens who love stories that younger readers might enjoy.short love stories

My only sadness about this site is that it’s not a blog, since I truly like the format and “sharing” that enables it. But, whoever is writing this site is definitely a love story junky, and it is well done.

The other blog I’ve found with lots of short love stories contained in this area is “BBLeo”. There is quite a bit of content, although much of it seems to be primarily user-generated — thus the short love stories I’ve found there appear to be emailed from readers that have been posted.

It’s an interesting concept, one which I believe was developed by someone who works with SEO rankings. I’m interested in following to see more of what he/she is doing. short love stories

Welcome to Short Love Stories Blog

Welcome to Short Love Stories, a new blog where I will share what is happening around the web on the topic of short love stories as well as my own original short love stories. This will be a very eclectic gathering of material, and I hope you’ll enjoy this and come back often to visit.

If you like what you see and want to stay in touch, the best way to do that is to subscribe to this blog.

Soon, you’ll be able to join my newsletter. Once a week, I send out a little note about what’s going on at other sites around the internet, with my creative process, along with a bite-sized piece of original work for you to enjoy. I’ll let you know about that when it’s ready. short love stories

A little about me

I’m Liz McGowen. Just like you, I have many roles in my life — wife, mom, sister, volunteer, van driver… you get the picture.

In what seems like another lifetime, I also had a crazy and wonderful career as a clinical social worker, supervisor, and government administrator. Since then, I’ve also spent time learning my way around blogging and social media (which fascinate me, by the way).

No matter what role I’m working on in my life, however, I’ve always found time to write. From short stories to the novel I’m working on right now, creative writing is something I simply love to do.

Up until recently, the things I wrote pretty much stayed in notebooks and computers, getting forgotten as the years went by. I really never thought much about sharing them and didn’t have the time or patience to pursue getting published in the traditional method. short love stories

Then one day I realized that with the help of the internet I could put writing out there for readers to enjoy, and have a relationship with readers without even having to be “found” by a publisher.

After all, I’m an author and that’s the important part of the piece, right?

Thus, the idea for this blog and my current creative projects began to germinate. I’m looking forward to sharing all kinds of things – my creative process, my work, what’s influencing me in books, music, and movies, and all sorts of other tidbits.

If short love stories and other works of creative fiction appeal to you, then I hope you’ll take time to connect and come back to visit many times. Together, I think we can have a lot of fun.

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