sorry sad status,1

sorry sad status, Sorry Status or Shayari in English For BF – GF

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sorry sad status, Sorry Status or Shayari in English For BF – GF

Sorry Status Shayari – Hello friends welcome to our new post
Sorry Status or Shayari For Girlfriend and Boyfriend in
English. Friends, many times we do not want to make some such mistake due to which our
Bf or Gf gets annoyed.
So friends, many times we have to take the help of Shayari status to persuade an angry person
and that is why in this post, Shayari has been given such sorry status, which you can send to your angry partner and soon wish them forgiveness. can.

Where the whole is silent, there is no sound,
why is the wind stagnant, what are you angry about !!

sorry sad status,2
sorry sad status,2

The mistake was not so big that we,
those who get angry, for a lifetime,
believe that we are none
of you, but you are my # everything, even this # is not hidden from anyone..
# Please forgive !!

sorry sad status, Sorry Status or Shayari in English

sorry sad status,3
sorry sad status,3

#Don’t get annoyed
#love with me, every morning as soon as I wake up, I remember you before “God” !!

sorry sad status,4
sorry sad status,4

A #sweet little truth..
It doesn’t mean to apologize,
you are # wrong and the other is right,
but it means #,
you appreciate this #relationship with “heart”.

sorry sad status,5
sorry sad status,5

Don’t get annoyed with us like this,
believe that we have made a mistake,
but don’t be silent like this,
who will punish you # confess to us !!

sorry sad status,6
sorry sad status,6

Forgive those whom you cannot
forget, forget those whom you cannot forgive.

sorry sad status,7
sorry sad status,7

#Annoyance to someone, don’t keep it for so long,
he should learn to live without you.

sorry sad status,8
sorry sad status,8

# You look # beautiful after getting
angry, just thinking of this # has kept you # angry !!

Sad Sorry Status 2021

sorry sad status,9
sorry sad status,9

Please do #sorry if there is any # account from us,
apart from you and now # does not stay with us !!

Sorry Status or Shayari For Girlfriend and Boyfriend in

sorry sad status,10
sorry sad status,10

He is sitting away from us like this, his #memories are troubling us all the time, if
someone asks him for our account,
we are sitting in waiting with bowing his head!!

Oh love-e-Zindagi, don’t be angry,
I have a habit of seeing you “happy”.

I Am So Sorry #Pagal….
#Anguish is with us and
it is wrong to give pain to yourself !!

sorry sad status

# If it is done, then
tell the punishment, # why there is so much pain in the heart, tell the reason !!

They look from afar in anger,
what is the matter, why do they seem so angry !!
If it has happened, # any mistake from us,
# forgive me or understand your #fafa!!

sorry sad status

I think I am alive, I should ask for forgiveness, I do
don’t know whether someone should forgive after death or not !!

#Anger is also the basis of #love, #love
is remembered even by the meeting.

#Sorry, if someone forgets us, #Sorry,
if you can’t remember you, #Sorry, by the
way, #heart will not forget you,
but if our heartbeat stops, #Sorry!!

sorry sad status

Maybe we unknowingly made you “cry”,
you forgot us at the behest of the world,
we were all alone anyway,
what if you made us realize !!

sorry sad status

#heart is “sad” because of your departure,
if possible, come back,
bow your head in your steps, we are standing in your footsteps,
you should be punished just once !!

Why do you get angry about what you are angry about,
# well let’s believe that you are the true ones, we are the liars !!

Sorry Shayari in English

Somebody is angry with us that we don’t say anything,
how can we celebrate when they don’t meet us !!

Believe me
, we have forgotten, but like this # don’t cry my #Sanam, once you raise your eyes # look at us, we will not do this #khata hai #swear !!

#Keep quiet so that no one gets “angry”,
we should not get angry.

sorry sad status

Fought for his #happiness from the #world,
today he is sitting “angry” with us,
what has happened to us,
we are sitting to be punished by bowing our heads !!

# Ishq did not even let us cry #,
# gum did not us # Hsne,
# so angry when # missed your #,
# sleep gave us # gold not !!

sorry sad status

When and how life is changing,
everything is being understood, but I am
neither able to do anything nor am I able to say anything.

Learn to enjoy life,
time will continue to enjoy you.

It seemed that it would take time to change a life,
but what was the leaf, changing time will change a life..

Life was given by God before I lived my life,
but God took away my life before I became my life.

sorry sad status

We have never borrowed from our
#life, even if we take the shroud, we will give our life by giving it..

People say get better otherwise life will get upset,
we say that life is ugly anyway,
but if we improve, then our identity will get upset.

If you want to live with pride in life,
then you have to show some #Attitude and #Style.

sorry sad status, Sorry Status or Shayari

I am not that much #Imported in his life,
but yes, I am sure that I cannot live without me..

#life everyone has to be #Pyaar at some point or the other… Don’t know when you will be with me..

A storm is also necessary for life, it is
known who keeps holding hands
and who leaves…

sorry sad status

#Life doesn’t change by changing #Status every day,
one #Status is enough to change #Life..

Don’t know why life is called unfaithful,
see today except the life left together…

sorry sad status

What have we become a little confused in life,
neither person are removed from our hearts..!

No #Numbers are found in #Jindagi’s exam, if
people give you a place in #Dil, then understand that you are

Play your character with great dedication in life,
that even after the curtain falls, the applause continues..!

sorry sad status

There are so many #problems in #life that #troubles you,
but #Attitude is also enough to surprise people.

No one got his own in life, the one who was he was deceived..

Just like this #my_soul has touched the talaq #_you,
still, ##_kissing the ‘forehead’ gives comfort

Love is that in which there is no to ‘meet’ anyone

Sorry Status or Shayari English

This *page of #paper* is still “smelling” with
#your_fragrance, on which you once jokingly wrote {i_Love_u}..!

A #_streaks, this #_luck, this #luck is the #mirror of all “fare”,
the meaning of a perfect life is having your hand in your hands…!

#heart, I will steal anyone’s **, but #_Mummy says, # stealing is wrong..

I ‘shine wake up’ on seeing
you # … you are the #moon like the ♥ sky of my #heart ..!

sorry sad status

Stay as #pain #with us_have
heard that “pain” stays with you for a long time..!

#_Love is not with that “shak” with whom you can live,
love is with that # without whom you can’t live…!

Some #people are not in ‘luck’, yet they are so special that
not even a single moment can be lived without them..!

A good #_Relationship is the one in
which there is not only #_Ego but only #_Pyaar..!

Gives me your “smile” to make me drowsy,
smile a little and smile again…!

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