sorry status for girlfriend,I am Sorry Status in english for Friends

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sorry status for girlfriend, I am Sorry Status in English for Friends, Girlfriend, Boyfriend.
One-Line Sorry Status for Whatsapp  love is an illusion character

Where the whole is silent, there is no sound,
why is the wind stagnant, what are you angry about.

Do not be angry with me, love me, every morning as soon as I wake up,
I remember you before ” God”.

sorry status for girlfriend,1
sorry status for girlfriend,1

Don’t hold resentment with someone for so long that
he learns to live without you.

love is an illusion manga

By getting
angry, you look even more beautiful, just thinking of this has kept you angry.

Sorry Status in Hindi for Facebook

sorry status for girlfriend,2
sorry status for girlfriend,2

Forgive us if we have made a mistake,
do not punish us by not doing such a thing.

sorry status for girlfriend,3
sorry status for girlfriend,3

The best relationship in the world is the
one where with a little smile and a small apology,
life becomes the same again.

sorry status for girlfriend,

sorry status for girlfriend,4
sorry status for girlfriend,4

Keep quiet so that no one gets “angry”,
we should not get angry.

Suppose we have made a mistake, but don’t get angry like this,
my dear, once you lift your eyes and see us, we will not do it again, this is an oath.

Sorry Status for Friends in Hindi

I am very sad, my friend, you are angry, I know,
I am repeatedly saying sorry to you, if possible come back with some excuse,
accept my friend forgive my mistake only once, I am saying sorry from my heart, if you do not
listen, I am shattered by looking at you once.

sorry status for girlfriend, I am Sorry Status in english for Friends,

Sometimes you say crazy and sometimes crazy, sometimes you say to friend and sometimes friendly,
how can I forgive you, first you make a mistake intentionally and then say sorry.

Distances keep coming in friendship,
but still, friendship unites hearts,
only that friend did not get angry, but true friendship convinces friends.

sorry status for girlfriend,

We find friends even among enemies,
forgive those who say sorry, do
not leave us as thorns, only thorns protect flowers.

I’m Sorry Status for Girlfriend in Hindi

Forgive others so soon,
as soon as you expect forgiveness from the above for yourself.

I have seen today with the eyes of anger, I
do not know with whom he has fought today.
Neither your pride would have decreased nor your status would have decreased,
whatever you said in anger, you would have said the same laughing.

Sad Sorry Status for Boyfriend

If you have made a mistake then forgive from the heart,..!
It is heard that not everyone has a morning after sleeping..

When your heart breaks, my heart weeps,
when Anjanai Sai Kau Humsai becomes Kasur,
then this heart becomes a canker. Please forgive me.

sorry status for girlfriend,

Take my life, it was better not to come to you than to go to my anger.

The evening will be like her, know
how she will be, I also cry here, maybe myself too.

No matter how much pain he gives,
still peace is with him.

You forgive my misdeeds, the
heart remembers you even without your permission.

If you break in a moment, don’t swear, forget you, it’s not us,
you stay angry,
you don’t feel like celebrating, we are not so bad either.

I am Sorry Status in English for Friends, Girlfriend, Boyfriend

A mistake has been made, what will you kill now?
Forgive me too, O Sanam, how long will you keep this misunderstanding.

Never put your dreams in your heart,
come and go in someone’s dreams, whenever you want someone to celebrate you,
just remember us and get angry.

sorry status for girlfriend,

not so different to remember your heart, kept not you remember anything bad
done, we tell them what you are angry at all,
we have never been so upset with you.

sorry message for girlfriend after a fight
Wherever you have heard, forgive if you have not kept some promises, then forgive some things that happen between us, if something good and bad has happened in them, then forgive them.

Those who become a heartbeat, who
spend every moment in whose memory, even
tears come out when they remember,
life is lost when they get angry with us.

sorry status for girlfriend,

Forgive those whom you cannot
forget, forget those whom you cannot forgive.

Don’t hold resentment with someone for so long that
he learns to live without you.

By getting
angry, you look even more beautiful, just thinking of this has kept you angry.

I knew that people change, I
did not know that you will also change.

I am Sorry Status in English for Friends,

Haven’t separated your memory from heart,
kept those who remember you, didn’t do anything bad,
tell us why you are angry with us,
we have never made you angry.

sorry status for girlfriend,

A person is very sad because of your departure,
if possible, come back with some excuse,
you are a million angry, but once you see,
someone is shattered because of your anger.

sorry status for love

You laugh to make me laugh, you cry to make me cry,
once you cry and see, you will die to convince you.

Fighting happens only when there is pain,
and pain only when there is love…

The heart keeps around a Sound,
eyes keep the thirst of a case,
not detract Life without you,
still remains gloomy life without you

sorry status for girlfriend,

All of us, sort it out,
better than resentment, scold!!

If someone is sad from us, then sorry, if we
can not remember you, then we
will not forget you with
our heart, and if our heartbeat stops, then sorry

I am Sorry Status in English

Why oh my going to be rooted like this….
It happened to me that I had to convince you…
Now even just do my going…
I have been tormented a lot…
me a little pity… Whatever grudge is against me, don’t use it. …
oo my mother please go to me

sorry status for girlfriend,

We fight a lot in the mind,
but love also a lot, do
not get angry because of our anger, we do anger from
above or with love from the heart.
Sorry, Ji ear pakde he:

long sorry messages for girlfriend

You don’t make us angry,
our heart stops beating,
we have already done the heart in your name,
life is left, that too goes away!
Pardon me

We are very infamous of the mind, we would
have done that because we are human beings, do
don’t put our words to heart,
you know how many naive we are!
Pardon me :


Forgive us if we are hurt by someone, forgive us if we can’t remember.
We will not forget you from the heart, if
this heart stops, then forgive me.

In this way, I made my life easier,
apologized to some, forgave some.

The truth has never been realized for
oneself, one has never been convinced of oneself.
Ruth is the one who understands you as your own
because this right is not imposed on the people.

sorry quotes for her

Do not get broken by our mistakes
do not get angry with our condition, your love is our life,
do not forget this lovely bond.

If you want to see my eyes my tears,
then my cry cry
says honorable “let’s just agree now, don’t you

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